2018: Mid Year Review

My goal for this post is to take a step back, reflect and allow myself to appreciate whatever I progress I have made so far this year.


The goal for this year is to embrace empty space. To do less things. To build powerful and meaningful habits that foster growth and continuous improvement.

To learn to live in the present moment, content with who I am and without need of anything else.


When it comes to habit building, it’s been an adventure these past 6 months.

The habits I have succeeded in building:

  • Saved 50% or more of every paycheque.
  • Slept at least 7 hours of sleep every day.
  • Journaled and expressed gratitude every day.
  • Fasted from Monday to Friday.
  • Read 14 books in 6 months. (2.3 books / month)

The habits I have struggled with the most are:

  • Meditation; 10 minutes of concentrated daily breathing.
  • Writing once a week to explore and express my thoughts and feelings.
  • Exercise twice a week.

Here’s the full review.

Mid-Year Results Sorted (2018-07-01)

Mid-Year Habit Board (2018.7.01)



Keep Doing: I am most proud of my disciplined practice of journaling, saving and fasting. Discipline and habit adherence are like a muscle. I can build and expand them with deliberate practice.

Improve: The area that I have most to grow is improving the quality of interactions with others.

  • Fostering a Blue Mind, gaining control over my temper and emotions.
  • Being curious and approaching others with an open mind
  • Celebrating differences as opportunities to enrich our lives
  • Practicing mindful communication; safe, non-violent, concise, free of interruption and judgement.

I believe a practice of meditation will contribute the most to improving the quality of my interactions with others. Which will in turn have the greatest impact on my happiness.


The mission remains the same.

Duality of Planning and Presence

I wish to continue fostering a duality of long-term orientation grounded in the present moment. This allows me to make decisions based on ‘What is best for me in the long run?’; such as savings or exercise, while being able to fully experience the present; such as a conversation with a friend or a walk through the park.

Impact ~ ƒ (Specialization, Focus)

It is time to specialize in my career; so that I can increase my ability to make a meaningful impact on a specific problem. I’d be open to taking a couple courses or pilot projects as means of exploration.

Mindful Presence

And well, like I said before, I’d like to continue exploring empty space. To do fewer things, better and deeper. To meditate daily and learn to quiet the storm of the narrating self. To build comfort in stillness and an appreciation for presence. And to have a lot of great conversations with family and friends.

“Live in the present moment, content and without need of anything else.”

I look forward to the next 6 months. Cheers!


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