Writer’s Block

We all occasionally lose our voice and our confidence to share and connect with others. Here’s how I experienced and overcame writer’s block.

The Good Life in 100+ Q’s

A couple months ago, I tried to define what it meant to live a good life. Lacking a measuring stick, I decided to make my own. The result was a  list of over 100+ questions I could ask myself and use to chart a path to personal growth.

Why I Write? A 10-week Retrospective

Why do I write? I write to free my mind. To liberate the thoughts held within and give shape and form to my feelings. I write because it’s cathartic. It provides me a form of release of daily life in a medium that is private and trusting. I write because it gives me clarity. Forcing…

Startup Lessons: From Silo to Service

The Problem Until recently, Ubiqua operated in a traditional organizational structure. The type with functional departments and department leaders. After the team grew from 5 to 10, it became more and more difficult to operate in these functional silos. Essentially, each individual ran his own independent operation. We all had our own to-do lists, our…

Startup Lessons: How to Build a Company

One of the reasons I joined Ubiqua was the incredible opportunity to learn; mainly, how to build a company. By joining Ubiqua at such an early time, I’d be able to experience this first hand. Here’s a brief on a couple of the things I’ve learned so far. Q: What I am looking to learn…