Book Summary: The Great CEO Within

Great read, full of bite-size concepts and tactics to guide you on your company building journey. This books serves as a field-guide to anyone looking to learn to be more effective in their personal and professional lives.

I hope you enjoy!

Book Summary: Powerful

Great read, full of radical concepts and principles to build a culture and environment where people have the power and responsibility to perform at their best and produce amazing results.

I hope you enjoy!

Q&A: On Leadership with an Engineering Grad

I recently was asked by ILEAD to reflect upon my engineering leadership experience and share some of my lessons and growth along the way. Below are the answers to the Q&A. Enjoy! —–  1. Tell me a little about yourself (program, year, your hometown).  Program: Industrial Engineering, Operations Research Year: 1T3+PEY Hometown: Panama City, Panama Hobbies: Rugby,…

Expanding My Comfort Zone as Emcee of the NBTC 2014

This past weekend I had the opportunity to Emcee the National Business and Technology Conference 2014. It was an incredibly challenging, but rewarding experience. In the spirit of growth, I’d like to share 3 lessons I learned about myself this past weekend. 1. Control = Comfort I consider myself an Ops guy, an executor and…

Leadership Lessons from ILEAD

I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of ILEAD, a series of Leadership Working Groups and Certificate Programs in the past and I’d like to share the 3 most important lessons that have helped me evolve into the person I am today.   #1 Leadership Is a Privilege, not a Right We often think that because…

Team Leaders are Essential

Many say the role of the ‘Team Leader’ is somewhat unnecessary as they typically do less work and more management. I’ve always disagreed with the notion, but recently learned a harsh lesson in the matter. It was during a 4th year semester long group project. The reality is this. We did a good job as…