Book Summary: The Great Mental Models I

This book is a terrific guide for the mental tools to help us better navigate the challenges and decisions we face in our everyday lives. They will help us think clearer, reason better, and hopefully make better decisions.

I hope you enjoy!

Book Summary: Bird by Bird

Terrific read on the power of discovering our inner voice and building the confidence to express our truth with the world. Also, a great primer on the writing process, full of tips and techniques to bring your stories to life.

Hope you enjoy it! Cheers!

Book Summary: The Goal

An insightful read on the philosophy behind managing and increasing the flow of your operations in your business. This book will challenge the way you think of the output of a system, and encourage you to optimize the system as a whole. Enjoy!

Book Summary: Blitzscaling

An insightful reading on the strategy and tactics of scaling-up your business. The authors provide a framework, full of strategies and tactics to helps us navigate and dominate the speed and risk required to scale-up a business and survive in an ever-rapid world. Enjoy!