In Memory of Keane

Dear Keane,

I am incredibly sorry to hear of your passing. You’ve left us way too soon, with so much more to offer. I say to you from the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for the time that we shared.

Even though our time was short, your impact was great. You were an incredible friend, mentor and a big-brother to myself and many of us. We are incredibly fortunate to have had you, such an inspiring individual, in our lives.

From this day forth, you will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. I will miss our long chats, our nights out and most of all your teachings.

You taught me about perseverance. You taught me that the most important word in hustling is next. That it’s not the end of the world when we fail, and to always keep our heads up. To always keep trying. Results will follow.

You taught me about impact. You were never afraid to ask the difficult questions, challenging us to think critically about the difference we wanted to make in the world. You always strived for ‘wider reach, deeper impact’.

You taught me about enjoying life. I will miss our feasts and drinks. Our ‘going out and getting ham’ nights. I have still yet to meet someone who could pound Gin n Tonics like you did. What a champ.

You taught me about giving. You were always there to listen to me and coach me through my struggles. You loved sharing what you knew, and helping others become the best versions of themselves.

You taught me about attitude. You always showed up and gave your best. You always had the biggest smile, the most positive outlook, and the sharpest focus. You truly pushed yourself everyday, and raised the bar for all of us.

Who would’ve thought that someone could pack so much wisdom in such a short time.

Dear Keane,

You are the first brother I have had to say goodbye to. With a full heart I say to you, I am honored to have shared our time together. You were a role model, a big-brother and inspiration to myself and those around you. You made the world a better place; and enriched the lives of the people in it.

A friend of mine shared this quote for dealing with a loss. I share it here, to guide the thoughts and wishes of your friends, family and loved ones.

“Rejoice, then, that you have had so good a brother, and be grateful for having had the use and enjoyment of him, though it was for a shorter time than you wished. Reflect that what you have had of him was most delightful, that your having lost him is an accident common to mankind.” 

– Seneca’s Consolation: To Polybius

Cheers to such a great life you lived. May we all be as inspiring and incredible as you were. I’ll see you soon on greener grass.

In loving memory,
Your brother and friend. Alberto

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2013-04-05 20.43.40



Cheers to the good times we shared.




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