2016: Year In Review

It’s that time of the year where we get the opportunity to take a step back, reflect and be thankful for the year we’ve had. 2016 has been a challenging and rewarding year; and it’s my pleasure to share it with you.

2016 OKR Performance

This year I set quarterly (3-month) goals using Google’s OKR Frameworkincredibly useful for setting high-level goals and breaking them down into measurable and meaningful key results.

Performance Review:

  1. Quarterly scores averaged around 63%.
  2. Scores declined as goals got more ambitious and rigorous.
Quarter Score (#) Performance (Δ)
15Q1 – 15Q4 0.71
16 Q1 0.76 7%
16 Q2 0.67 -12%
16 Q3 0.58 -13%
16 Q4 0.53 -9%

2016 Key Lessons

Takeaways and tips for using the OKR framework:

  • Focus.
    • Less, but more meaningful goals keeps your mind scoped and productive.
  • Build Momentum through Consistency.
    • Set a simple, rigorous program and stick to it. (Ex: Meditate every day for 30 days.)
  • Learn and Apply.
    • Apply knowledge through side-projects or volunteering  for effective craft-building.
  • Prioritize High-Leverage Activities
    • Make larger strides of progress given multiple goals, limited time and resources.
  • Streamline tracking. 
    • Use a daily log or a habit app to make goal tracking painless.
  • Output > Input
    • Measure progress through tangible outcomes, results, or milestones.
  • Avoid ‘Business as Usual’.
    • Avoid ‘easy wins’. They don’t challenge you to work hard and expand your limits.
  • Set Limits. 
    • Set a ‘cap limit’ of ‘budget’ to empower habit-reduction. (ex: drinking less)
  • Ship it.
    • Done is the enemy of perfect. Ship now. Improve later.
  • Get a Boost.
    • Outsource or seek support from an expert when possible.
  • Feedback Loops.
    • Continuously reflect on your performance and seek ways to do things better.

2016 Highlights

Some of the highlights/tallies of 2016:

  • 503 drinks w/ friends
  • 105 Catch ups, Hangouts, or Skypes with friends
  • 103 Meditation or Gratitude Journaling Sessions
  • 76 Family Gatherings
  • 72 Workout Sessions
  • 57 Blog Posts
  • 35 Dates w/ Vickie
  • 27 Movies watched
  • 26 Outdoor Adventures
  • 5 Books read
  • 4 Online Courses Taken
  • 2 Travel Trips
  • 2 Pets Adopted
  • 1 Heck of a year!

.. Click here for a detailed activity distribution

1. Hosting Friends and Family

This year I got to catch-up with a ton of family and friends, both abroad and at home. Special shout-outs to those who came to visit the homeland:

  • Christian Belanger
  • Ivy Xu
  • Felipe Richards and Chelsea Carrasco
  • Andres Rodriguez
  • Chris Benedict, Kazem Kutob, Winston Zhang, and the Nspire Crew
  • David Ho x2
  • The Young Family
  • Jeff Bilton and Anna Li
  • Raul Osigian

You made this year a terrific one. You guys are welcome to visit anytime! 🙌

2. Adventure Time

This year was monumental in spending time outdoors and having fun in the sun. Some of the funnest experiences include:

  • Camping @La Yeguada
  • Boogie Boarding @Buenaventura, @Playa Alta
  • Wakeboarding @NitroCity
  • Hiking @Gamboa, @Cerro Ancon, @Land’s End
  • Stand-up Paddling @La Guiara
  • Cycling @Golden Gate to Sausalito
  • Sailboating @San Blas
  • Snorkelling @SanBlas
  • Running @Cinta Costera, @Parque Omar, @La Reserva de Lago Gatún
  • Travelling @San Francisco, @Bogota
  • Weekend Alone @El Valle de Antón

‘Nuff said. Let’s keep this up next year. 💪

3. Adopted a Dog and a Cat

This year, my girlfriend Victoria brought in 2 new members to the family, Dallas 🐶 and Maya 🐱. Dallas is a funny, caring, tripod canine from a rescue shelter. Maya is a frisky and energetic baby kitten that was rescued from our street. In spite of the care and the costs, it feels great to give these 2 abandoned animals a home. You can tell how much they appreciate it. 

2016 Reflection

Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously.

Set ambitious goals. Aim as high as you can and be relentless in the pursuit of personal growth and development. But don’t beat yourself when things don’t go as planned. Embrace and laugh in the face of failure. Seek opportunities to experiment and try new things. Most importantly, appreciate the people in your life and enjoy every moment of it. 

2016 in Conclusion

I began 2016 with a Resolution to ”Build a Complete Self”, whatever that means. This being infused with being healthy, mentally stable, having fun, spending time with loves one, building a craft and managing my personal finance.

Overall, I’m in good health. I spend a solid amount of time with my friends and family. And most importantly, I continuously invest time into my personal growth; reading, writing, and building my professional craft. 

Thanks for everything 2016. You’ve been great. I wish you all the best in achieving your goals in 2017!

And last but not least …


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