2016: Q4 Review & Retrospective

This one’s a little early, but I’ll share this now before the year end! Now that year is soon coming to an end, let’s look back on the struggles and successes of the last quarter.

Q4 Review

Overall Score: 0.53

  • 0.28: Be Healthy {Body & Mind}
  • 0.98: Be Happy {Fun & Tribe}
  • 0.33: Be Wealthy {Craft & Career}

Here’s a breakdown of each of Objective and Key Result:


Q4 Retrospective

Did Well

Learn and Apply. 

I immediately put the analytics concepts I learned in the Codecademy SQL courses into practice by building a working dashboard of user engagement metrics; integrating Heroku DataClip queries with Google Sheet data storage.

Learning Projects. 

I leveraged the agility of running micro-research projects over the weekends in order to dig deep into a domain and from it produce a series of blog posts to formalize my knowledge on the topic.

Do Better

Set a Cap.

I had way too much fun these past 3 months; engaging excessively in partying and drinking. These should have had a ‘cuota’ or ‘cap limit’ to impose some sort of constraints.

Outsource or Delegate to Experts. 

I should have ‘delegated’ or ‘hired’ a financial advisor to help me manage my financial investments, rather than simply fail to invest my money effectively.

Q4 Highlights

1. Jeff Bilton Visits Panamá

My first year roommate and his girlfriend came to visit us in November. Jeff and I hadn’t seen each other in about 5 years. We had a great time catching up, enjoying quality food and the Panamanian country side. Obviously, we had a hilarious time bar-hopping in Casco Viejo.


2. Mother’s Day Weekend Trip to Playa Alta

For the first time ever, I took a weekend beach trip with my mother’s family. We had a great time cooking, boogie boarding, and relaxing together.


Closing Thoughts..

It was once again a ‘rewarding challenge’ to implement Google’s Goal Setting Framework in the pursuit of my personal goals. Now what’s left is to look back upon the year and start thinking about goals and ambitions for the next one.

That’s it for now. Cheers till next time!


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