On the Importance of Feedback

As a manager and team player, feedback is one of the highest-leverage activities you can use to achieve and sustain high performance. Giving feedback empowers others to identify ways to improve the quality of their work. Receiving feedback demonstrates humility and your commitment to your own personal growth.

With this in mind, I’ve put together a bit of the best that I’ve come across on the topic of giving and receiving feedback. In this 3-part series on feedback, I’ll cover:

  1. Why is feedback important?
  2. How to give feedback?
  3. How to receive feedback?

Let’s get started..


  1. Improve Performance.

To improve the quality of work being produced by your team and organization. When an individual fails to produce the highest quality work, it’s because they either don’t have the skill to do it, or they didn’t have the will/interest to deliver quality work. Use feedback as a tool to improve people’s performance.

  1. Build Trust.

Trust is built on a genuine interest in other’s well being. Paying attention to other’s work shows that you understand and care about the quality of the work of your peers and your team. Give feedback as a way to connect and nurture your relationships with your peers.


  1. To Improve Performance.

We are often blind to our own performance and impact on others. Personal biases impair our ability to objectively assess the quality of our work. Receiving feedback is an effective way to leverage the insights of our peers and mentors. 

  1. To Build Trust.

An unwillingness to receive feedback shows an inward obsession to protect one’s ego. Exposing one’s ego to critique and feedback shows humility and vulnerability. Most importantly, it shows a commitment and dedication to the organization. Being open to receiving feedback is a sure way to build trust with your team.

Main Takeaway

Being effective at giving and receiving feedback is an essential ingredient of high-performing teams and organizations. Use feedback as a way to expose individuals to opportunities for personal and professional growth.

That’s it for now! Cheers ‘till next time!



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