Building Awareness: Offline Marketing

Offline marketing, or better put ‘traditional marketing’ refers to promotion done through the use of physical or face-to-face channels.

Press & Public Relations

Press refers to any written promotion of your company’s products and services. The theme here is that people read about your brand in their common channels everyday channels. These channels are useful when you want to connect to a mass audience.

Some popular channels include:

  • Publications
  • Consumer Magazines
  • Newspapers


Networking includes connecting with your potential customers through the use of in-person events. They are especially effective when you want to develop a personal connection with between your team and your potential customers. Some common networking opportunities include:

  • Conferences
  • Community Events
  • Professional Associations & Affiliations

A great example of using conferences and community events to showcase your platform is Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference:


Guerrilla & Experiential

Guerrilla Marketing refers to the use of unconventional and experimental ways of promoting your products and services with limited resources. Experiential Marketing refers to techniques that allow for a highly interactive, participative engagement with your audience.
Both guerrilla marketing and experiential marketing are particularly useful if you want to generate high levels of engagement with your customers and maximize the opportunity for viral reach. The goal is to provide more memorable experiences for your customers that they will hopefully talk about, share with their peers, and remember later on.

The effectiveness of guerrilla marketing comes from the large amount of exposure that can be achieved at a minimal cost. For example:


One of my favorite examples of a well thought experiential marketing campian is Molson Canadian’s beer fridge:


For more on the topic of guerrilla marketing, check out:


For more on the topic of experiential marketing, check out:

The goal of this post was to layout a series of offline channels that you can leverage if you want to make a strong, personal connection with your audience. Our next posts will dive deep into the sales process of getting your customers to purchase your products and services.


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