Building Awareness: Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the use of digital channels to promote, engage, or connect with your audience. Here are a few digital channels you should leverage when building awareness for your product or service. 

Social Media

Social Media is one of the easiest and richest ways for companies to connect with their audience. Some of the benefits of promoting through social media include:

  • Reach
    • Easily reach audiences leveraging the power of shared networks.
  • Interactivity
    • Social media allows you to directly connect with your audience, sometimes engaging in conversation
  • Potential for Virality
    • Highly engaging content has a higher potential of reaching a critical mass
  • Usability
    • Audiences of all ages are connected through diverse, social platforms.

It’s important to identify your business goals, your target audience and select the ‘best’ set of social media tools in order to effectively connect with them.



Your website is your brand. It’s basically your online business card. Most importantly, websites provide a way for your customers to find you online and learn more about your products, services, and your company.

In this day and age, building a website can be free and easy using tools like WordPress, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace.

What’s important to remember is when designing your company website:

  • Make it easy for your customers to learn about your offering.
  • Provide a clear call-to-action for your customers.
  • Design for both desktop and mobile (responsive) platforms.

Content Marketing

The strategy behind content marketing is creating and sharing useful knowledge with your audience. This is traditionally done through the use of a blog or through the creation and distribution of white papers and ebooks

One of the best forms of content marketing is to build up a knowledge/resource center for potential customers. By giving away expertise and knowledge for free to prospective customers, they are more likely to hire you or purchase your services in the future. Some great examples include: SalesforceMulesoft and Hubspot.

Mulesoft Resources

The goal of content marketing is to position yourself as a thought leader in the minds of your potential customer; increasing the likelihood that they will consider purchasing one of your products or services in the future.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically a process for increasing the visibility of your company’s digital assets on the internet. There is a vast set of techniques used, but some of the most popular include:

  • Site Architecture
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Meta-Tagging
  • Deep Linking and Backlinking
  • Social Media & Engagement Rankings
  • Content and Blogging

SEO Search Engine Optimization, Ranking algorithm

Effective SEO increases a site’s traffic through the use of paid and free techniques.

The goal of this post was to introduce you to some useful digital channels for educating your potential consumer about your products and services. In the next post, I’ll cover some more traditional channels used in Offline Marketing.


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