Customer Lifecycle Management as a Framework

Viewing the Customer Lifecycle as a framework allows you to apply a cross-functional approach to building and nurturing customer relationships.

The driving idea is that every individual in the organizations plays a significant contribution over the course of the customer lifecycle. Understanding how to match the your team’s roles to your customer touchpoints is fundamental to effective CLM.
CLM as a Framework

The Customer Lifecycle must be managed from your customer’s perspective. Visualizing the relationship from your customer’s perspective makes it easy to map out your customer’s goals and the relevant players involved in supporting your customer to achieve these.

In Action

Customer Goal: Your customer is looking to install and use the products/services.

Player: Operations and Customer Success.

Role: Providing a setup, onboarding and support process to enable the customer to easily begin to use your products. 

At every step of your customer’s journey, think of their goals and how your team can best guide your customer to achieve these.


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