2016: Q2 Review & Retrospective

It’s now the 2nd time that I try out Google’s Objectives and Key Results framework for my personal goal setting, and I am very satisfied with the results.

Q2 Review

Overall Score: 0.67

  • 0.34: Health
  • 0.94: Fun
  • 0.99: Fortify Tribe
  • 0.43: Financial Stability

Here’s a breakdown of each of my OKRs.

AP 16Q2 OKRs

Q2 Retrospective

Using the Scrum Retrospective Approach, here are a couple of the things I think I did well and things I can improve upon for next quarter.

Did Well

  1. Prioritize High-Leverage Activities for Multiple Goals. 

    For example, I participated in an outdoor 5k obstacle race which was both an outdoor adventure and a workout. It’s a great way to make progress in multiple goals with limited time and resources.

  2. Use a Daily Habit App for Consistency.

    It wasn’t until I started using a habit tracking app, Loop, that I started making massive headway in daily routine activities. It was particularly useful for enforcing a morning route of meditating, gratitude logging and portuguese Duolingo lessons.

  3. Focus.

    I reduced the # of key results from 33 to 19. There were less, more measurable key results which helped me feel more productive.

Do Better

  1. Eliminate ‘Business as Usual’ KRs.

    Accomplishing my ‘family gathering’ and ‘hangout with friends’ goals were easy because they didn’t require any change in behavior or action on my end. These goals seem attractive to include in your OKRs, because they’re ‘easy wins’, but they don’t help in challenging you to work hard and expand your limits.

  2. Weak Link between Financial Key Results and Objectives. 

    The key results set out were ineffective in guiding completion of the objective. Two of them, file taxes and open retirement fund, were binary completion tasks. The key result of ‘increase passive income’ was better fit to serve as an objective, instead of a KR.

Q2 Highlights

1. Trip to San Francisco & Catching up with Old Friends

This quarter I made a trip to San Francisco and was able to catch up with old friends and make tons of new friends. You can read all about the awesome things SF has to offer in my previous post.


2. Found some writing inspiration

This quarter I was able to complete my blogging and writing goals. What I enjoyed the most was the endeavour of tackling a project that was at first nerve-wracking and overwhelming.  The best part were the coffee sessions, the hectic sketching, and the exhausting long periods of sitting in front of a blank screen figuring out something worth saying.  I even got to design my own visuals and frameworks to complement some of my posts.

Stay tuned as I’ll be releasing the bits and pieces of my e-book on Customer Lifecycle Management on my blog here!

3. Outdoor Adventures

This quarter I had some great outdoor fun. Some of the best being:

  1. Cycling to Golden Gate and Sausalito Village
  2. Hiking Lands End along Baker Beach
  3. StandUp Paddle to Isla Grande and back
  4. Parque Omar with Vickie and Dallas
  5. Determination Race with Christian Guinard and Team PASOS. 


I definitely recommend trying out Google Ventures OKR framework to set and manage your goals in both your professional and personal life. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments!

Cheers till next time!


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