Travels: Camping at La Yeguada

I recently went on a camping trip with some good friends of mine to the Reserva Forestal La Yeguada. It’s basically a lake 4 hours away from Panama City, easily accessible by road and car.

Here are some of the highlights of the trip.

Getting there was a mess.

Along the main highway; along the paved road. We were following WAZE to get there and got lost. Waze thought it’d be nice to avoid the highway traffic and take some of the back roads through the mountains. Horrible mistake. First of all, we ended up in no-coverage areas, so waze and our gps stopped working. Second of all, we had to cross over multiple creeks about a foot high each. Not easy if you’re in a smaller car. Finally, the roads were raw and full of natural holes and giant rocks.

My recommendation. Follow the main highway. Don’t veer off. Don’t take shortcuts. If you get off paved road. Go back. You’ve made a wrong turn.

Directions to La Yeguada

The view is incredible.

Camping at La Yeguada was incredible. It’s a vast open lake,; remnant of a once active volcanic crater. Once you get there it’s a beautiful outdoor experience. The air is as fresh as it gets;  boasting fresh pine trees. Hawks and small birds fly overhead. And the silence is priceless. You can go hours and hours and not here more than a small hummingbird’s. 
2016-01-16 15.41.17


Tons of quiet. 

While there, you have no other option but to enjoy the solitude. We spent hours reading a book, napping in hammocks and just chatting away. It’s definitely one of those opportunities you get to slow down and enjoy away from the fast-paced city life. Check out our campsite. We used one of the carseats as a reading chair. Pretty crafty of us.
2016-01-16 11.06.16

Reckless Campfires. 

One of the funnest things we did was have some drinks by the campfire. We made a huge rookie mistake; and built a teepee fire using all the kindle and wood we had gathered. We ended up having a blazing fire that went up in seconds and lasted about 15 minutes. Better luck next time. 

2016-01-16 19.21.06
2016-01-16 19.25.51



Highlight of the Trip

Best part of the trip was hands down the getaway. We lived off of peanut butter and bagels, had no wifi or reception, and had nothing to do but to read a book and relax. 

2016-01-16 19.28.15


If you’re finding that you need some time to unwind and step back from all the busyness of everyday life, remember that a great camping experience is usually budget-friendly and only a couple hours away!


Cheers till next time!


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