Health: The Fit-15 Challenge

The Problem:

I’ve been horrible to my health the last month and half. I’ve barely exercised. My diet’s been horrible (burgers, steaks, sausages and tons of snacks). I’ve been drinking 4 times a week. And I can feel it. More than simply a weight issue, I can feel the impact of the lack of discipline over the last month and a half. I haven’t been able to push myself to exercise after work. I haven’t control my late night eating splurges (especially when I’m drinking). I don’t stop the night at 1 or 2 drinks, but continue well on to 8 or 10 drinks. And it’s pretty bad…

It’s time to do something about it…

The Solution:

Over the next 15 days I will be taking on my own Health Challenge. The challenge consists of the following. For the remainder of November:

1. Exercise between 10 and 15 times, anywhere between a quick 10 minute workout to a complete 30 minute session.

2. No alcohol whatsoever. No beer, no champagne, no exceptions. 

3. No carbs after 7:00 pm. No midnight splurges. 

The Goal:

The goal I’m trying to achieve is a quick but radical change in lifestyle, which hopefully can produce some visible results. In order for the change to be meaningful, I need to avoid 2 of the things that contributed most to my sluggish behaviour: alcohol and late night meals. Positive by-products I’m aiming for is an increase in focus and concentration during my workday and a more peaceful, relaxed attitude. Additionally, I hope that the 15 days is enough time to make these behaviours habitual, so that they require less self-discipline moving forward.

I’ll check in at the halfway mark and share my progress. Pretty excited to see what comes of this challenge!


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