2014: Mid-Year Review

On January 22, 2014 I published my 2014 Resolution. On it my main priorities were to:

  1. Read
  2. Write
  3. Spend Time w/ Friends

It has been roughly 7 months since and it is time to check in. As with all resolutions, projects, and goals; nothing gets achieved if it isn’t properly managed. Below is a summary of my progress so far:

Resolution Mid-Year Review 


Overall, I’ve made the most progress on the catching up and having 1-1’s with friends, being most active during March and April. I’ve made the least progress building a strong reading habit, but slowly begun to read steadily in the months of June and July. I clearly took May off entirely as vacation, and chunk much of my progress into short periods of productive bursts.


New Priorities and Goals

It’s time to step things up a bit and be more aggressive about developing these skillsets. First of all, I need to define year end and monthly targets for each of these activities. Second of all, I will introduce a 4th priority which is to build a habit of of exercising regularly. Below are the new priorities and targets:

End of Year

Reading Exercise Time w/ Friends


Jan – Jul






2 Books

12 Workouts

3 Catch Ups

2 Blog Posts






Aug – Dec





EOY Total

17 Books Read

52 Exercise Sessions

52 Catch-Ups

23 Blog Posts


I need to be more aggressive with working on these goals weekly; if possible daily. I’m glad that I’ve built in Exercise as a main priority, as the benefits from regular exercise trickle into the rest of my work and personal health.

I’ll be measuring my progress every end of month and making adjustments to make sure I stay on track! Wish my luck!


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