First Week Back In Pty

On June 28, 2014, I officially moved back to Panama.

 * FlightFun

The flight’s a funny story. I was travelling with way too much baggage, but I found a loophole in the baggage self check-in counter which ended up saving me about $400. I slept both flights, except for the snack and meal times. Funniest moment was when I had a stare-off with a little kid sitting across from me, till I told him game over and went back to bed. As a courtesy to passengers we had the captain keeping us posted with the Brazil-Chile game throughout the flight. As always, my baggage took about 40 minutes to show up, making me the last person from the flight to actually leave the airport, but after a big hug from my mom and a quick ride home I had finally arrived.

* TooOldToRage

It’s not been a full week in Panama and here are my thoughts. The weather’s same as ever, doing whatever I can to make sure the places we hangout have fans or AC. Socially, Panama has more restaurants, more bars, more beers, but less overall madness. I guess people don’t rage like in the old days. Must be the age.

 * WeekLife

I spent the days of my first week running errands. You know all those settle in errands like dentist, eye doctor, cellphone, credit card. I still haven’t finished them. I got distracted watching world cup games with my friends every day. Woops. It’s been great to see my friends every night. Lots of beers and catch up stories. But honestly, there’s been way too much drinking. I had forgotten what it felt like to wake up hungover 4 days in a row, shake it off, and repeat the drill.

 * FamJam

I’ve also had some serious family bonding time. For one I went jogging with my dad one day, which gave us some time to chat and catch up. I still need to figure out how and when to build in an exercise routine into my day. For the second part, I’ve been able to spend some quality time with my nephew, sis, and mom. We even had a Monopoly board game night; hadn’t had one of those in more than 10 years.

 * MemoryLane

During my room cleaning I took a stroll down memory lane. I aggressively went through drawers and boxes full of toys and pics going back since I was 7 years old. Talk about a lot of old junk jajaj. Still a lot more left to clean out, making for great donation bags of clothes and toys.

All in all, I’ve had tons of fun catching up and spending time with my friends and family. Can’t wait for work life to begin and see how the rest of my new life in Panama unfolds in the weeks to come.


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