Travels: Nicaragua New Year – Highlights

Couldn’t end such an amazing trip without a recap of the highlights of the whole experience!


The total damage was as follows. Gav and I broke three pairs of flip flops. Tekin lost his jeans and shoes. Connor broke the stove top and lost Alberto’s glasses. Gav sliced his toe flipping into the pool. Zoe got stung by a jellyfish and bathed the wound in Gav’s golden antidote. Gmo broke a chair leg. The boys pulled off some massive wheelshows at the beach. Eduardo partied harder than any of us. Booze included shots of tequila, sangrita and aguardiente, vodka and coconut drinks, barrels of rum, wreckless red bull chugging and a a serious pounding of cases of Toña beer.


Nicaragua is BEAUTIFUL. We visited Laguna de Apoyo, Volcán Masaya, San Juan del Sur Bay, Ciudad de Granada, Ciudad de Managua, Galerías de Santo Domingo, Playa Marsella, Mirador de Cristo, and a ton of other sights.


Gmo’s House, Mio Mi Gato, Hippos, Karaoke, Bar Iguana, Bar Arribas, Playa Marsella, Beyond, Pelican Eyes, Boat Trip, and our Final Night out downtown!


Met some amazing people and made some new friendships. Gmo’s family was incredible and Gmo’s friends were rockstars. I am incredibly grateful to all of those who made our stay in Nicaragua so amazing. Truly made us feel right at home. Best part was spending time with some of my closest and best friends.

Not bad for a bunch of Canadians on vacation.

Here’s a photo strip to tell the story…








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