Travels: Nicaragua New Year – Day 6 & 7

Nica 6: Jan 1

Day after New Years was super chill, exactly the rest we were looking for. Slept in till 3 pm and we pretty much stayed at home all day. We went out one last time in  San Juan Del Sur. We had a few drinks at a gringo bar and that was it. Perfect day.

Oh yeah, one more thing happened. Connor destroyed the glass cover on the stove. He went to warm his food and ‘thought’ it was a new revolutionary cooking stove. Shattered all the glass on the floor.

Nica 7: Jan 2

Last day in Nicaragua. This was the day we were going to surf. Obviously, we didn’t. Instead we had one last lunch with the family on the beach of San Juan Del Sur. Delicious pizza lunch with prosciutto, carpaccio, tuna, and more.

We went out one last time in Managua to the bar across from Karaoke. Had a great time. We were celebrating Zoe’s acceptance to LSE. Really proud of her. She worked hard for it.

Needless to say we went hard at the bar. Bottles of champagne and vodka later, I was passing out for all the photos. Check out the pic. Who looks incredibly wasted?

Perfect ending to an amazing trip.


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