Travels: Nicaragua New Year – Day 5

Day 5: New Years Day

New Years Eve. Gameday. This was the day we all were super pumped for. It was New Years Day.

Took us a couple of hours to get out of bed and out of the house, but we finally made it out if the building. We were planning on surfing but realized we had no clue where to rent boards or which beach to go to. So we called up one of Gmo’s friends and hitched a last minute boat trip. Lucky us. We spent the day chilling on a boat on another beautiful beach, diving off the boat into the ocean. Funniest moment was when Gavin had to piss on Zoe’s arm cuz she got stung by a jellyfish. Can’t believe we didn’t GoPro it. After the boat trip, we saw the last sunset of the year from el “mirador de Cristo”, a breathtaking peak overlooking the San Juan Del Sur Bay.

Our New Years Party started with the family tradition. We counted down together, popped champagne and gave out hugs to everyone there. Such a happy moment. I had a heart to heart with the Grandpa. He reminded me how important family is and spending those meaningful moments together. Was really special to spend the New Years with Gmo’s family. I think it was a new experience for most of us, but very humbling and touching.


We then finally made it to the last party of 2013, Beyond. Everything and more you can imagine for an insane beach party. Multiple stages, VIP booths, there was even a taco and burrito buffet, I had 3 of those. What a fun night. We danced and sung our assess off till we could barely stand anymore, around 9 am. Came back to the house to recount the stories of the night and passed out on the balcony deck.

Great way to finish off the year.


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