Travels: Nicaragua New Year – Day 4

Day 4: Dec 30

Day 4 in Nicadise couldn’t have been more real. We started the day chilling by the pool, doing yoga, flips and push-ups for a great workout. Gav cut his toe, no one knows how, but funny it would happen to him.

We then took the party to Marsella beach, a small beach in a bay like cove. Cliffs lined the sides and pelicans were flying low in a tropical orange sun. Gorgeous view. We played a soccer match with local island kids, mixed teams. My team won ‘cuz of a game winning pass to one of the kids. Ha! Body surfing was unreal. Was funny to watch the 6 of us trying to catch mad waves and rolling over in the sandy beach. We buried Connor under the sand while we boozed up enjoying the ocean view, gave him tits and everything. Beaching out was definitely the highlight of my day. Couldn’t have asked for a better moment with the gang. We were able to catch most of it on GoPro Video. Can’t wait to relive those memories.

The evening celebrations began at Gmo’s family’s house. What a happy and warm family. All the uncles and cousins were gathered enjoying drinks of all kinds; tequila, aguardiente, vodka coconut. Can’t say we didn’t join for a few rounds of shots. Connor and Tekky busted out their salsa moves with the aunts, and what a show it was! You could see the confidence in Connor in every dance step he made. The family loved it. The whole night reminded me of a traditional Latino family party.

The last bit of the night took us once again to Bar Iguana and Arribas. Can’t really remember much that happened there but I know we had a fun time. Got home at 4 am and went straight to bed.

Awesome day.


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