Travels: Nicaragua New Year – Day 3

Day 3: Dec 29

Third day in paradise, jam-packed full of adventures. We got to see some of Nicaragua’s biggest landmarks. We started the day at the Masaya volcano crater, one of the five most dangerous volcanoes in all of America. Took a little hike and saw the crater of a now extinct volcano. This crater was now full of wildlife and looked like it was out of an avatar movie.


We then went to another Nicaraguan beauty, a massive lake overlooking the city of Grenada, la Laguna de Apoyo. There was a lookout point, “El Mirador de Catalina”, and tons of tourists and locals enjoying amazing winds alongside a beautiful, pure blue water lake. Once again, little shops with trinkets and souvenirs were everywhere. The purchase of the day were a set of pots for loved ones back home.

Finally, we arrived to the beautiful villas of Pelican Eyes. We have a whole villa to ourselves, a massive party pad with an insane sound system; definitely after party central. The view from the top floor deck is majestic, showcasing Nicaragua’s humble countryside down to the waters of San Juan Del Sur Bay.

This night was definitely a hard night. We’re dropped off at the bay and begin our night at the Bar Iguana, a cabana style 2 story bar with a deck looking out to the ocean. Was great running into Nitla and Giddings there, as well as Diego Morales and Isa Preciado. Small world. We then took the party to Arriba, a beach concert styled bar with a central sand dance floor. Most of my night was downing water bottles and flailing my arms to some sick deep house. These guys were hitting on everything that moved or had a pulse.

Unfortunately the group’s desire to go home rained on Gmo’s parade. Gmo went to bed, semi-pissed off, while the rest had a sunrise pool party in the back. Eduardo, Gav and I saw the sunrise on the deck. Incredible. Hope we don’t run into anymore petty arguments. It’d be really cool for all of us to see the sunrise together.

Brand new day tomorrow.


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