Travels: Nicaragua New Year – Day 2

Day 2:  Dec 28

Second day in Nicadise was great. We began the morning chilling by the pool and passing around the soccer ball, while the others were picking up Zoe. Once she arrived we set out to spend the day in Granada, Nicaragua’s old town. It was full of small shops and mini markets. These guys got shirts and shot glasses, Tekky and Connor bought a machete and a switchblade. Bad decision. We need to make sure we get those out of their hands when their drunk.


For lunch we went to a cabana-like restaurant in the water. Beautiful breeze. Beers and margaritas set the pace for the night. Before we left, we took a photo on a pier that overlooked the entire lake. What a majestic view.

We went back to the town to a strip lined with barsitos. Salsa music filled the night, along with mariachis and Spanish singing. Funny story. These breakdancers hosted a show right in front of us; spinning, flipping, and cartwheeling. Once they came for donations Gmo’s dad said a sad but true reality, “better that they dance in the streets than steal and sell drugs”.

We got wings for dinner and then off to the karaoke bar!

Double bottle service for less than 80 bucks! We were obviously the drunk batch of Canadians singing to Journey and Aerosmith. Eduardo, Gmo’s little bro proved his worth last night; downing the last bit of vodka straight from the bottle.

After a rowdy car ride home and double icing, we made it home and put an end to another great night. Great to have Zoe with us.


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