Find the time that suits the task

I’ve been struggling quite a bit with the idea of keeping a journal of my thoughts, lessons and ideas. Finally thought I might as well give it a shot and post it up.

Reflection: “Find the time that suits the task”

Today during the lab I reviewed about 4 resumes and 3 cover letters in about 1 hour. This same task had put me to sleep the night before. It seems that there are simply times when it’s more effective to take on a specific task.

In the same way, the best time to try to write this up was probably not during the day, in the midst of running back and forth between classes. It’s currently 3:22 am and now’s when my mind’s clear enough to sit and reflect.

Today’s productivity gurus say to tackle your biggest tasks first, and capitalize on (1) will power, or (2) energy, or (3) attention. For some reason I’m going to have to disagree that it’s not only about finding the time to tackle a specific task, but also the environment and setting that go along with it.

Essentially, it’s about finding the “mix” that works best for you. Ultimately, what matters most, is to get the job done, in the most effective way possible.


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